Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Affirmations Package Now Super-Sized!

My Affirmations Package sold at my website just got supersized!

I decided to bundle three fabulous products together and offer them for sale. So now when you purchase my Affirmations Package, you receive the following:

* My main eBook, Why Most Affirmations Fail and the Four Building Blocks of Successful Affirmations

* My audio interview, Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

* The pdf written transcript of the entire audio interview, so you don't have to take notes!

The interview is an essential tool that adds more background to the eBook. In the interview, Jeff Smith asks me some frequently asked questions about how affirmations work, how people make common mistakes when they frame their affirmations, and what prevents people from manifesting what they want quickly and easily. These are incredible "user's tips" that aren't available anywhere else on the Net.

I'm looking for more affiliates who have self-help oriented websites and blogs who are interested in promoting my affirmations package on their site. You can make $16.50 per sale as a Clickbank affiliate. You can read all about how to become an affiliate at my site:

Affiliates for Affirmations Package

It's free to become a Clickbank affiliate and only takes about three minutes to grab your affiliate link from their system and paste one simple line of html code into your blog or website template.

For more info, contact us via our site: Free-Daily-Affirmation.com

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At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This package is really incredible, Jennifer! I ordered it this week and have already noticed a big difference in the quality of my thoughts and emotions. This in turn is helping me attract nicer people, better situations, etc. I even manifested a lucrative new business contract this week with a company I'd never even sent promotional material to - they found me! If there are any doubters still out there, this stuff works!

Denise S.


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