Friday, February 29, 2008

Law of Attraction Myths Debunked

I just wanted to mention that there is a short article that is meant to introduce the free audio I talk about in the prior entry - you can read this introduction here if you like:

Law of Attraction Myths Debunked.


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At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:

Just let scientists make their own work. For the sake of the truth, for the evolution of our species and our culture,please, don’t mix science with mystical woo.
People, I will always save my emotions. i’ll never force myself to think positive. I don’t need it. I’ve always learnt by my mistakes and sometimes even sufference was a useful tool for improving my life. I’ll never kick off someone who have negative thinking. I won’t fear to be contaminated by negative thinking, but I’ll listen people needs and I’ll try to offer my help. I don’t program my brain, I just use my heart, in a natural manner. How dare can you struggle for discovering the right way to use LoA, while too much people are starving? Don’t be selfish. If you think that LoA is useful, then try to use it for knowing yourself instead of wishing a new car. My life is wonderful, my wishes are normal. Friends, I don’t need LoA at all.
There’s nothing more natural than to stop for a moment, thinking that the little things are the most true ones and they remain inside you and make you feel the warmth, and that is the only reason to look ahead and understanding that after all the little things tell you what you are. it is fascinating to dream about a better life. It’s right to try and realize it, to not waste a second and feel that i am part of this world too. I say what i’ve always known: life remains the most beautiful thing i have.


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