Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Law of Attraction Interview with Author Linda Dodds

Linda Dodds is a law of attraction coach, entrepreneur, and author of the fabulous new eBook An Impossible Life.

Linda sat down with me and talked about how to create the life you want. Don't miss her wonderful tips on manifestation, positive thinking, and personal healing.

Read the interview here:

Linda Dodds An Impossible Life Interview

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Zen Alarm Clock

I've always been a big fan of natural sounds vs. synthesized sounds. We listen to so much stuff that is "non-organic" or mechanical. From the blare of traffic horns to the buzzes and beeps of our cell phones, we're surrounded by a horrible sonic soup of unnatural sounds.

Researchers have proven that our bodies respond well to natural sounds -- the sounds of nature or the sound created by classical style instruments (instead of electrical or synthesized sounds.)

But one thing that has been lacking in the marketplace is an alarm clock that incorporates a natural sound instead of a beep or a buzz.

Well, I recently discovered a fabulous alarm clock that has been around for a while. Maybe you've heard of it. It's the Zen Alarm Clock.

This clock comes in both digital and analog (normal clock face) styles. The alarm is a chime that is run gently at gradually increasing intervals. So you don't wake up startled by a loud buzz or mechanical beep.

If you're like me and you like to meditate or work with a few affirmations to "create your day" when you are waking up, you know how precious those few waking moments are in the morning when you're still in that delicate Alpha brainwave state.

Well, the zen alarm clock and its beautiful Tibetan style chime help you to maintain that Alpha state and wake up slowly. So if you use a zen alarm clock, you'll find it easier to remember your dreams. And you'll enjoy some powerful moments as you wake up which are perfect for setting your intentions for your day and doing affirmations.

I'm such a fan of this clock that I've written a review of it. You can learn more about the clock and how it works here:

Zen Alarm Clock

Since I started using the clock I find it easier to maintain a positive emotional state throughout the day. I wake up less cranky and more ready to have a fabulous day! (And I am a heavy sleeper who usually HATES getting up in the morning!)

Zen Alarm Clock