Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Instant Manifestation

Instant manifestation is a term that is sometimes thrown around in spiritual circles. It's the idea of creating your reality instantaneously.

Instant manifestation is also known as "you create your reality." And although sometimes when we are working with affirmations, power prayer, or applied faith it can seem to take FOREVER before we manifest something we want, manifestation can also happen instantly.

I want to share a fun example of instant manifestation that happened to me today.

I work from home and I like to go to various diners in our area for a simple soup and sandwich lunch. I find that it's important to my creative juices for me to get out of the house each day and do a little writing while I sit down for a light lunch.

So as always, I had notes with me about various writing projects and websites that I'm working on. And the soup I ordered (red pepper and potato!) was excellent, the coffee was strong, and I was buzzing along with creative energy.

As I drove back home, preparing to get back to work, I was thinking very specifically that I wanted to manifest some sales that afternoon - or one sale that was for a large amount. I've been working to build different websites that promote various affiliate products, and I've been doing lots of work behind the scenes to build traffic to these sites. Some days, I get no sales. Other days, I get a lot.

So I was listening to some jazz music on the radio while driving home and I thought about instant manifestation and how I was ready to instantly manifest something! And I specifically set the intention that I was instantly manifesting some nice new sales for the day.

When I got home, I manifested a sale from an unexpected direction. I do a lot of freelance writing for various newspapers and websites, and usually I'm just submitting my self-syndicated column each week and not doing any new assignments for my editors. But to my surprise, one of my editors called out of the blue pitching a very specific, fast turnaround writing job that only I could do. And the job was fun (writing an astrology profile for movie star Jake Gyllenhaal) and it paid the exact amount that I was intending to manifest in sales that day.

It was a definite case of instant manifestation, and it carried just the right energy I brought to my intention - energies of fun, speed, and creativity. All those things were incorporated into doing this job. It only took me an hour to complete, too, so it was very fun and easy to do.

Instant manifestation gets a lot easier when you don't have any resistance around receiving the thing you're manifesting. I had no resistance to receiving an intriguing new job offer from one of my editors because I enjoy doing all kinds of whimsical spiritual writing gigs and this was right up my alley. Plus, since I've been an astrologer for ages and a freelance writer for almost as long, this job perfectly suited me.

So - what are you going to instantly manifest today?

Go for it. It's meant to be easy - and fun!

You've probably heard about The Secret and the law of attraction. Learn more about instant manifestation and creating your own reality. Watch The Secret trailer and order it online here:

The Secret DVD

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Release Technique and the Law of Attraction

Although law of attraction teachers have it right when they say that we can change our reality by shifting our thoughts in a more positive direction, sometimes people get really stuck trying to be positive. This is completely normal.

I don't much like it when gurus criticize a student for being too negative. Negativity has its origins in past pains and wounds we have suffered. If we don't work on clearing out that old pain, our ability to remain positive will be hampered. Some teachers naively say that all you have to do is to learn to be positive all the time. They act like it's an instaneous process, to teach your body to hold energy in a different way.

The truth is that it doesn't just happen overnight. Yes, our cells are regenerating all the time, and yes, we can gradually send them fresh messages of peace and well-being. But our cells DO tend to hold an energy charge of emotional pain and psychic trauma if we are particularly sensitive or have experienced events that have induced post-traumatic stress disorder.

You probably wouldn't think of yourself as someone who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but psychotherapists are finding that this condition is much more widespread than previously thought. We usually think of PSTD sufferers as people who have been in war zones, but there are hundreds of thousands of "super sensitives" in the US who respond to what some would call "minor stress" as deep trauma. So sometimes a person's body is reacting from a post-traumatic place even if they're simply going through a breakup or a job change. Any time you experience severe stress you can go into post-trauma. And you'll feel the aftereffects for some time afterwards.

When a wounded person starts working with the law of attraction, some intense emotions come up. So it's important to go through some sort of release process at a deep, cellular level to release trauma that is buried there.

We all have trauma that is buried within our cells. As rebirthing pracitioners have discovered, it all starts out at birth, when we go through tremendous physical and psychic stress.

If you don't find a way to release past pain, any new messages that you try to create about being positive and attracting abundance will be drowned out by that denser frequency coming from your past wounds.

Fortunately, there are many techniques out there to help you let go of this buried trauma. One technique I especially like was created by Lester Levenson. One of his students, Larry Crane, has continued to teach these ideas. You may have heard of The Release Technique and his book "The Abundance Course."

I really like the way Larry teaches. He keeps the release process simple and to the point, teaching you how to connect with negative emotions as they surface and gently release them. By doing this simple work each day, you can easily start to shift your core emotional "tone" to one that is much more positive. There's nothing particulary mystical about Lester Levenson's technique. It's more of an awareness method, a system for teaching you to be more aware of your emotions so you can carefully let go of the ones that no longer serve you.

After working with The Release Technique for a few weeks, you'll have released some of that old emotional baggage. Then you'll find it a lot easier to fixate on a new frequency of positivity and joy.

Check out Larry Crane's wonderful audio series, in which he guides you through the release process and shows you the amazing release technique that Lester Levenson pioneered:

The Release Technique - Larry Crane and Lester Levenson

Our nervous system is a delicate, beautiful instrument, and with diligent and gentle work on it, it can be attuned to frequencies of health. The Release Technique is an easy, no-nonsense system that can be used by anyone to let go of negativity once and for all.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Esther Hicks and The Secret Versions One and Two

Many people who have seen the original version of The Secret with Esther Hicks in it found it to be far superior to the version that was released later, which doesn't have her in it. The version of The Secret currently making the rounds doesn't include Esther Hicks.

Author Linda Goodspeed Dodds, who has written a wonderful book about the law of attraction called An Impossible Life: A Guide to Finally Living Your Dreams, has made some journal entries at her site about the difference between the two versions of The Secret. I agree with her comments:

Here's her first journal entry about The Secret:

The Secret Commentary

Here's her follow-up, which includes the officaly explanation from Esther Hicks about why her material was eventually edited out of the final version of The Secret:

More Commentary on the Secret

And if you'd like to learn more about Linda Goodspeed Dodds and her work helping students apply the Law of Attraction to their every day life, her main site is:

An Impossible Life

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Affirmations Success Stories

You’ve heard me rave about Affirmware, a cool affirmations software package designed by a brilliant Australian engineer. I’ve been receiving some success stories from people who have been using this fun tool to help fine-tune their own affirmations.

Bernie from Vancouver writes:

“Thanks for recommending the affirmation software. I tried it for two weeks focusing on a problem I’d been having with a relative. This family member was engaged in a feud with my other siblings and it had become very stressful to deal with. Instead of fighting, I removed myself from the situation and started to work with affirmations. I saw a dramatic improvement in about five days, and three weeks later the situation appears to have resolved itself. Amazing considering how far gone things were at the time.”

Denise from Arkansas writes:

“Work had become unbearable – so many negative people and bad attitudes. I could barely function and felt depressed every day I went to work. I was seriously thinking about going on antidepressants. It was making me crazy! The worst was a hostile coworker who poisoned everything around her with her vile temper and bizarre mood swings. I tried using the Affirmware software – was desperate for a “cure!” At first I didn’t understand how using it for ten minutes a day could change things. After about a week I started to feel lighter. And now it’s two months later and the coworker is like a new person. I don’t know if she’s possessed or what! LOL But work is much better now and I actually feel light in my heart when I reach the office. I’m not sure if the change happened within me or within her – or both. Whatever it is, it’s working!”

I’m so glad people are seeing such great results from this software. If you’re interested in learning more about Affirmware, check out some of the testimonials at the site. Just ten minutes a day working with affirmations using this software can really change your life.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Is The Secret Satanic?

Is The Secret Satanic?

One of the commenters on one of my earlier posts believes so. If you scroll to the end of the comments, you'll find me offering my own take on this:

I don't believe that you can instantly dismiss any action or intention that someone sets as being a Satanic process. There's a big difference between setting the intention to be able to afford a nice house, take care of your family, and provide for your loved ones and doing something excessively greedy (like intending to own all of Manhattan.) :)

Here in the US, yearly inflation and cost of living increases mean that you have to earn at least 4% more than you did last year....even if all you do is sit in one place. So even people who already own property are dealing with increases in food costs, gas and transportation costs, and other inflation to the point where if you DON'T master certain techniques for manifesting a flow of abundance, you simply can't survive. And I'm not talking about living in a McMansion, either. I mean simply providing food, shelter, and transportation to and from work takes a lot of money these days. Therefore, I continue to state my own view that movies like The Secret and What the Bleep bring forth very important teachings about the nature of human creativity, the power of the human mind, and the miraculous field of energy that surrounds us in our daily lives.....and we NEED to be utilizing these ideas if we wish to be responsible human beings.

There's a big difference between exploiting others (in a Satanic sense) and simply expressing your full potentials as a human being so you can take proper care of yourself and your family.

The law of attraction is a neutral law. Like gravity. Since there are so few teachers out there teaching us about this, it's important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Sure, you may laugh at Oprah or find that gnomish guy Joe Vitale and his whole "hypnotic marketing" shtick repellant, but if you look at the core of what The Secret's teachers are promoting, it's good, spiritually appropriate stuff.

In my opinion, being a spiritual person who does service for others as a part of her path while at the same time manifesting a comfortable livelihood for herself and her family is NOT Satanic.

I don't believe that God wants me to suffer. He wants me to explore my divine potentials and my creative possibilities to uplift myself AND others.

I can help people a LOT MORE if I'm not starving and if my family isn't destitute from being unable to afford proper medical care, food, and shelter.

So why is it that so many religious people equate being able to provide for yourself financially with being Satanic?

Doesn't add up to me.

Friday, February 09, 2007

More Criticisms of The Secret Movie

I wanted to offer a few more criticisms of The Secret movie and to also welcome all the new readers who have visited this blog. I realize that many of you probably saw Oprah’s show Thursday, which was all about The Law of Attraction and the movie The Secret. I’m excited to see that word is getting out about the extremely powerful set of metaphysical principles covered in the film.

Sure, this information has been repackaged in a “pop culture” way, so many viewers of The Secret will find the ideas silly or superficial. But it’s important to keep in mind that the concepts shared in The Secret are not REALLY so far “out there.” The concepts of applied faith, power prayer, and white magic have long been woven into all of the world’s most sacred spiritual traditions. Jesus was in essence a white magician – if you define white magician in the true sense of the word, as a person who unites with the loving powers of creation to generate change in the physical world. Jesus was very clear about how we all possess this ability and he said that one day we would perform “miracles” (really just the successful application of these principles) even greater than the miracles He performed. And I personally don’t think Jesus was a liar!

Unfortunately, when someone talks about the power of mind over matter or the law of attraction, grumpy people immediately come out of the woodwork to crankily state that “If the law of attraction is so damned easy, why aren’t I a millionaire?”

Hint: Take a look at that person’s rigid, unyielding, and negative attitude, and you’ll find some clues as to why he or she isn’t yet a millionaire!

One criticism I have about The Secret is that it was originally marketed heavily to many MLM (multi-level marketing) companies as an underground training and motivational video for their sales people. And its focus is more on money-making, which in turn inspires greed. So I can totally see how people might look at the whole phenomenon that The Secret has become and see it as yet another “Get Rich Quick” gimmick suckering people in.

But attracting abundance is just one way to apply these ancient principles. And ultimately, you can apply them to anything you want in your life, whether you’re seeking health, emotional well-being, spiritual illumination, new friendships, a romantic soul mate, or money.

The law of attraction is a spiritual law that is, on its own, a neutral principle. Like the law of gravity, it simply IS. And this law is active in all areas of our lives, areas which we tend to see as being separate. We don’t always see that the same energies are at play whether we are emotionally unwell, physically unwell, or financially unwell. Each of these conditions has to do with not being aware of the vibration we are carrying in our minds and our hearts. By lifting that vibration, each of these conditions can shift and we can create lasting, progressive change.

Every physical illness, for instance, is at its core a spiritual crisis. If you maintain the same state of consciousness that you had BEFORE your illness, you’ll never shift out of it. Every form of imbalance that we experience is a sign that somewhere, deep inside of us, we have gotten “out of whack.” It’s a sign that we need to readjust our thinking, our patterns of emotion, and our approach to life.

I don’t hope to convince the hard core “grumpapusses” who think The Secret is bunch of hooey and that the Law of Attraction crowd is a group of charlatans.

But for people who ARE looking at the sudden popularity of The Secret and wondering what it’s all about, I urge you to go deeper in studying the principles the movie talks about.

One good source for learning about the quantum physics and the science behind miracles is author and researcher Gregg Braden. His books like Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer and his new book, The Divine Matrix, pull together information from ancient religious traditions and modern science to show you that the power of applied faith is demonstrably real. This wisdom has been hidden away and people have misunderstood it for centuries, even though all of our greatest spiritual teachers have spoken about these ideas. Until now, the “masses” haven’t been exposed to these principles.

And if you ask me, it’s about time that this stuff is brought into the mainstream. This information is about the incredible creative powers that live within each us, that are operating in the background 24/7, and it’s important that we understand how they operate in order to create a better world.

Keep digging. If you found The Secret uplifting, merely interesting, or even completely annoying, know that the ideas presented in it speak to something deeper and VERY REAL that is going on all the time.

Don’t you want to understand it better?

You can find two of Gregg Braden's great books here:

The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessings, Wisdom, and Hurt